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Finding Your New Home

Vue Retirement specializes in finding the right property to suit your needs and personal preferences. We understand that choosing your ideal place to live in retirement takes time. Being proactive and preparing for the future will allow you to 'age in place' on your own terms.

Through extensive experience in residential real estate sales, we have a team of professionals to guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on building trust and open communication with our clients to ensure that we all work together to achieve optimum results.

We liaise with developers and established retirement villages until we find your new home. The more information we have about your personal preferences and needs, the better able we are to assist. Refer to our "Wish List" which starts the journey.

For most, the preferred option is to downsize from the family home to a smaller, more manageable home in the community where you have lived and close to shops and services.

Then there are the lifestyle benefits of Retirement villages. The advantages of these villages is that the design of the villages are purpose built for being able to 'age in place' for many years to come. They offer companionship, security and home maintenance.

Serviced apartments are another option for individuals later on in life, who wish to remain independent but need extra support with meals and non-medical assistance.

With longer life expectancies, accommodation, lifestyle and health issues are not the only consideration. You are best to seek independent financial advice so that you have peace of mind that the options you are looking at are right for you.